Turner Illustrations Ltd


Turner Illustrations Ltd, Registered in England 16th July 2012

VAT Registered

“A Professional Technical Illustrator with over thirty five years’ experience in the Defence, Aerospace, Telecommunication, and Automotive industry.  Highly developed communication skills acquired over a wide range of projects.  An enthusiastic team member who is just as happy working on his own initiative.”

This is me Colin Turner, I have over the years honed my skill set within the Technical Illustrating arena.  My main tool for getting the work done, but not limited to is IsoDraw 7.3 CAD Process.

There are many facets to documentation and Graphic Design which are a totally different skill sets in their own right.  That is why I have kept in touch with people I've meet who possess these additional skills which is why I refer to us or we.

Whether we like it or not, nine times out of ten we humans will look for the quick approach to performing a task.  It’s always beneficial in the cost conscious world we live in to perform tasks as quickly as possible.

To have a graphical representation for an assembly/disassembly procedure usually speeds a process up, using text as a support only when necessary.  Keeping the amount of text to a minimum also enables the illustrations to be multi lingual reducing the need for translation.

Sometimes the customer will prefer to use photographs that they may already have.  We can use editing techniques to highlight the pertinent areas within the photo and lay direct or indirect annotations over the photo.

Technical Illustrations can be produced from a variety of source information, engineering drawings, old historical hard copy, photographs, videos shot during assembly/disassembly.  We can also utilise 3D models from a variety of CAD systems and manipulate these to produce the maintenance and or parts list illustrations required.

I live on the South Coast of England.  I have produced work for Clients in Derby, Grantham, Newcastle, Ireland, France, and America to name but a few.  None of these projects required me to attend the customers site.  Using a secure File Transfer System data can be moved back and fourth with ease.  This also removes the size limiting constraints of e-mail.